Our Story

I grew up in Minnesota,USA and started working with wood floors at the tender age of 12yrs helping my father sand and maintain bowling lanes in both our family business and many other premises across the state.

Bowling lanes are the most demanding surfaces as achieving a perfect level is imperative. They are made with the highest quality of wood and the conditions they endure mean they need to be hard wearing therefore there is no margin for error when sanding and refinishing them.This is how I learnt to be a bit of a perfectionist.

The family business expanded to installing and refinishing hardwood floors and later on my brother also established his own flooring business as my dad turned his attention back to his bowling centre. 

After being very active in both businesses I decided I needed a break and spent several years travelling and living in the hotter climes of the Caribbean and Florida. I worked in the Scuba Diving industry and captained private yachts, I returned to the flooring business after the birth of my son as it was more conducive for my new role as a dad.

We relocated to Denver Colorado where I established and ran my own wood floor business for several years.  In that time I averaged over 5,000 m2 per year in both fitting and refinishing as a sole trader. Given how popular wood floors were in Colorado I obtained a wealth of additional knowledge and experience working with different wood species and finishes.

Shortly after the birth of my daughter we relocated to the UK as my British wife wished to be close to her family.  Authentic Wood Floors was established in 2010 in Cirencester, in the Cotswolds.

Troy Tanski

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